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Nearly done. I missed a socket which is now on order and should arrive in a few weeks.
I'm expecting a late January release for v2.0. 

version 2.0:

CPU sockets/slots: ~76

RAM: 46

HDD: 15

power: 13

ports/cables: 71

Peripheral card slots: 30

Now I've got to add USB-C to the poster... I've got new job that will get me access to one of the new MacBooks soon which has this port. Now if only Adobe would bundle Photoshop and Illustrator at a reasonable price. I've been without both for a while now... Which has put the brakes on CHP 2.0. 
Hello, I wanted to drop a quick note, I'm still working on CHP 2.0, I had intended to get it out in January, but ran into issues that prevented this (career is sucking up all my free time these days :( ). I will say that I have switched from using Photoshop to Illustrator for v2.0. Having never used Illustrator before, there is a learning curve...  However, one of the biggest delays I ran into is after I made the import to Illustrator, I found most of the image layers were not the quality I wanted (fuzzy), this means the majority of the pictures in 2.0 are new. I've also been hard at work gathering odd and obscure items for 2.0. MBA will be included here (at least the 5 variants I could get my hands on), as well as a dozen Fiber Optic plugs and newer interfaces such as Thunderbolt (copper) and USB 3. Sorry for the delay. I hope to see 2.0 released "soon."
Thank you everyone taking an interest in my work. It has been a while since my last update so here goes.

Work on version 2.0 of my computer hardware poster is continuing slowly. just when I get all the parts I need more are announced (LGA2011). I've also hit a dead end in my fiber optic poster. I can't seem to find any physical pieces of the more exotic connectors. so I am starting to compile what I have into a poster.

Why has it taken me so long to post an update? well I've been busy. I've graduated college (Bachelor in Data Communications System Technology from ITT), my job role has shifted (I'm an engineer now!), I've been earning technical certifications (A+, Net+ Security+, ACMT, HP, Toshiba, etc...), not to mention several personal projects.

Stay tuned, more to come

active projects:
    Computer Hardware Poster 2.0
    Fiber Optic poster 1.0
    DarkHawk 3D model
    unnamed 3D model
    ACSA certification
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Thank you everyone for the 25,000 page-views!

I'm still here doing 3D work, photography and of course my Hardware posters.

An update about my posters, I am continuing to acquire samples for my current computer hardware poster (…), in fact I was finally able to get a sample for the Itanium II: PAC 611 socket, it should be arriving in the mail in the next 2 weeks.  Please see this journal entry for the backstory (…)

Officially, the next poster I'm doing will be for Fiber Optic Connections, I have already acquired 18 different types of  fiber optic cables, and am still seeking more. if you know where I can get a cheap DIN or MPO cable please let me know.  This next poster will feature a lot more details about each style of connector. Including physical dimensions, top, side, and front views, and is available, a image of the receptacle if available.

so far I have acquired the following cables:

1.8 stereo jack

Computer Hardware poster 2.0 is still being worked on, I have added more connections, I am filling in some of the "Future" spaces, and I am re-photographing some of the grainy or fuzzy picts.

Other projects I'm working on is porting my posters to the iPhone (this is a ways off since I haven't learned how to program for it yet :( but I downloaded Xcode! :) ), the before mentioned Fiber Optic poster and Server Grade poster, for stuff you'd only find in server environments (SCSI, backplains, etc...).  Your support allows me to gather more hardware for more posters, Thank you everyone for your purchases and donations(!

Please keep in mind I do have a full time job and am a full time student.. in other words free time is at a premium...

Thank you all for your interest in my projects!
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     All this started from a discussion about RAM at work. I worked at CompUSA as a tech a few years ago. A customer was having trouble identifying what kind or RAM he had. 168pin DIMM and PC100  still confuse some people.  I created a list of RAM 72pin simm to DDR2 with pictures. I added CPU sockets next and it just grew from there. I had a steady flow of parts to photograph from my private collection (fancy term for my junk boxes :) ), hardware that passed through the store, and hardware I stumbled upon at GoodWill or ebay. I still have the original images to all the original photos I shot. Unfortunately, because some specimens are so rare or expensive, some images were found via Google.  CompUSA closed it's doors last year before I could present my idea to the manager, Comp had a program where they purchased ideas/produts from their employees. Originally they were going to help me with Distribution. Which never happened...  Next I presented my idea to the ITT tech, the college I am attending. THe professors loved it and let me ditto off a few copies, but the school itself never got back to be about buying my idea. One of those "Well get back to you" situations. I emailed several online printers, I either received no response or a large initial investment was needed. Which I didn't have.  I have been a DevArt member for 4 years now, I have used DA to host my 3D creations and photographs. So I decided to host my poster here as-well and make prints available to those who wanted them. In addition, I made a hi-resolution copy available for download (go to my poster page on DA and click "Download"). So here we are.

So I am still seeking hi-resolution photos of:
1.8" ZIF (acquired)
SA (Acquired)
160 pin RDRAM RamBus SO-DIMM
214 pin Microdimm DDR2
326pin 64bit RDRAM
64bit RDIMM
286 LGA (not pictured*)
Socket 4
Socket 463
Socket 499 (DEC Alpha)
LGA 715 (Future)
LGA 116 (Future)
mPGA 989 (Future)
Socket 563/Socket A compact
Socket F (I think I know where I can get a better image of this one)
Socket G34 (Future)

* I still kick myself for getting rid on this old machine, it was a ancient 286 based PC with a LGA style 286, I have the CPU still, but I'm after a image of the socket.

Also people have asked what kind of camera I use, I have a Canon Powershop A630 @ 8.0MPix

So far 70 people have purchased prints and I have been receiving a small portion of these sales. I will use the finds to purchase more hardware to photograph, be aware I won't have access to this fund till September per DevArts Quarterly payment program (as I understand it).  I have set up a Paypal donation button for folks who would like to donate to the cause at my site: This money will only be used to acquire hardware and pay for fees related to these posters.

The Discovery:
7/17/2009 Reddit:…
7/17/2009 4chan: ::off-site::
7/18/2009 Gizmodo:…
7/18/2009 Crunchgear:…
7/19/2009 TechNibble:…
7/20/2009 Lifehacker:
7/22/2009 PCWorld:…
7/22/2009 DeviantArt on facebook:…
7/22/2009 Geekologie:…
7/24/2009 DinSide:…
8/10/2009 Reddit (Again):…
  9/4/2009  Ash's Blog - online Zoom Application -   …

7/20/2009 Museum of Information France:
Will be displayed at their museum in France. I will post a picture when I receive it from my contact there.  

At the time of posting, I have had over a quarter million hits to my posters DA page:… Over 800 Faves and 90,000 downloads.

With the help of many of you, (Thank you everyone for your comments!) several bugs (spelling errors mostly) were squashed. Version 1.7c has been up for some time now.

Posters I would like to do in the future:

Server Grade hardware
SCSI (need I say more?)
hi-data rate connectors (infiniband)

Network Connections
Server Grade
Wireless (still figuring how... perhaps the antenna interface, as one user suggested)

Computer hardware poster part 2  -  Connectors not featured on my current poster
Mobo Headers
internal Audio connectors
mini PCI/e
Proprietary connectors (Dell)
more of my Geek art, It's usually overlooked because it's in my scraps section:…………


Thank you everyone for you interest in my poster! Please keep those comments coming!
update 8/2/2009

I have enlarged the dimension of my poster to a full 24*26.  
I have added some V-RAM (68pin SIMM, AIMM for instance)  types, FC Hdd, more ports, and more Slots. I've also added some common Fiber Interfaces.  I still plan to do an entire poster dedicated to fiber, but finding hardware to photograph is difficult for obvious reasons.  And no one wants to let me into their datacenter :(

I'll post version 1.8 when it is full.
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Looks like my computer hardware poster has been noticed by reddit, 4chan, Gizmodo and a few other sites:

In order of discovery:

Museum of Information France:…
DeviantArt on facebook:…

Thank you for your interest, please post critiques, my poster can't get better If I don't get feedback!

Update: I have posted version 1.7c in 1.7's place. I have fixed several spelling and naming errors, also the hi-res download is now a .png.
Update: I'm working on version 1.7 of my computer hardware poster, I pulled down the hi-res version of 1.5 because a new one is on the way.

I haven't done a lot of 3D work lately, despite a laundry list of "To-Do's."  
I will as I have time. school/work still occupies most of it.

my 9,000th page-view is fast approaching, thank you all!

::insert obligatory 'it's over 9,000!!!!' joke here::
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Done, at least as far as I can tell.

The poster now featured on my DA page  can be purchased as a print up to 24*26in. Like I said in the items description. this was meant to be a visual aid for the old computer techshop I worked for.  I feel this will be a valuable resource for Students,  Techs and enthusiasts alike. Enjoy!

also I've created a little site for computer hardware images that I have taken, too geeky for Devart, but still. Work in progress:…
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Hehe, had to put something here...... been stuck on "busy-busy" for too long.  I'm still here, and I will have more time now since I got "let-go" from CompUSA (the entire chain is closing).  HASH released a new version of A:M, seems to be pretty stable for new models. But crashes a lot with old ones. oh well....  Mac for new, PC for old I guess.  you can find out more info about A:M here: I am currently working on School, finals week is fast approaching. I am also trying to start up my own computer repair shop.  I'm still playing games, you can find me playing Halo every now and again.  or you can check out my clan's site:


oh, I nearly forgot, I'm throwing together a "computer hardware" poster. It was going to be for the CompUSA techshop, but since that went south I'm going to be publishing it on DA.  It's a massive 40in*30in @ 180dpi poster featuring hi-resolution images of processor sockets, RAM, cards, card slots, hard drive interfaces, common ports, and power plugs. I still need hi-resolution images for:

326 64bit RDRAM
64bit RDRAM

LGA 771
LGA 715/socket H
Socket P (478 pin)
Socket 499
Socket 563/socket A
Socket F /Socket 1207


Keep in mind I will be publishing this so the images can't be copyright. Thank you! I'll throw up a preview for a critique '"soon."
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Aren't we all now a-days....

To Do:

School                     - Full time, duratiopn: 3 years 3 quarters
Work                       - Full time, duration: till death
Apple Certifications   - Done
Tohiba certification   - Done
A+ certification         - in progress
HP certifications        - In line
"Net +" certs            - In line
sleep                       - no sleep, only unconsciencess

Doomsday Zone       - Back Burner, till spring break anyway
Sonic vs mecha        - on life support
NiGHTs revision        - In progress
PC chaos and sonic   - concept drawing in my skech book
PC and Eggman        - concept drawing in my skech book
Halo 3 game over     - concept drawing in my skech book
halo server              - Pro Haven {SB} up and running
Halo "stunts" video   - Raw footage done, imported to imove for edditing
INDEX podcast         - on life support

w00t! NiGHTS is back and will be on the Wii! 'bout time! 11 long years since the masterpiece on Saturn came out. In honor of NiGHTs comeback  I'm updating my model and will be posting a still soon, I've already completed the most of the body, I just need to finish the head and texture.

Thank you everyone for 5,000+ hits!

Meh! so much I want to do, just not enough hours in the day.
factoid: the old Pentium Processors used real gold plate for the heatsync pad on the top of the chip.
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Been a while, nearly 5000 hits, thank you! anyhoo. I'm rethinking how I'm doing Doomsday zone. I was going to do long sweeping passes. But this proves very problematic, one error (or crash) and weeks of  effort is wasted. So I am breaking things up into very short clips. I also re-rigged my Sonic model. proof of my work!:… 7 required.
Hello everyone, I'm still here, I've been focusing on school and work a lot. I'm full time for each :(  which is the reason I haven't made any noteworthy progress on Doomsday zone or any other 3D art, I've even had to stop producing INDEX for some time. With the semester drawing to a close I hope that to change. It seems I've hit 4000 page views already! Thank you!  
Meh... busy as always... college, work, life... sleep. anyway I've been working on the credit scenes a lot. overhauled it in fact, I'm still having major trouble animating the water texture. Also it looks like the updated version of Animation:Master handles trees much better than my current version, which I need for my model of Angel Island. So I've gots to save up!  So to show I have something besides stills here is a small clip of the first scene ( file):… I know that missile is all goofy. keep in mind this is very rough. and not just because it's on youtube! enjoy.

::fixed link sorry!!!::
Thank you for 3000 hits!

Still plugging away on Doomsday zone, this is really going to take a ling time to render... and when ever I get a fair chunk of rendering done, I always see something I need to fix >_<;

to practice for the editing skills I'll need for Doomsday zone, I produced 2 Halo montage videos, enjoy!

well, I need some encouragement for my "project" so I'm going to put out some demo images and let everyone in on what I am, and have been doing!!! My animation project is Doomsday Zone and credits from Sonic & Knuckles! I've broken it up into  5 main sections,

1. Asteroid field chase
2. Defeat eggman!
3. Get the Master emerald
4. re-entry/return the Master emerald
5. Credits

as you can see from by progress below I am right in the thick of things, but this is a major learning experience for me, I haven't done much animating, and the hardest part is to come, animating the space battle. I had some practice with projectiles with a small animation I did for my halo Clan ( requires DivX). which should make things easier.

This project was inspired from seeing Chris-Supernerd's (…) sonic FMV ( movie.

Also, I'm still doing my podcast INDEX, the podcast devoted to halo for the mac and PC, i'm up to episode 7 now, check it out here:  ;

between, school, work, podcast, and everything else, it'll be slow going, but I'm just making this post to let all of you out there that I'm still here and have something cool to share. so technical glitches aside expect regular progress reports on my project :)

Doomsday Zone Animation progress:
1. Asteroid field chase…
     models: 100%
     animation: 75%
     rendering: test tenders only

2. Defeat eggman! (blue getaway rocket)…
     models: 100%
     animation: 25%
     rendering: test renders only

3. Get the Master emerald (eggrobo mk2)…
     models: 100%
     animation: 0%
     rendering: test renders only

4. re-entry/return the Master emerald
     models: 50% (making the whole floating island is hard! O_o; )

5. Credits…
     models: 100%
     animation: 90%
     rendering: finishing touches/test renders
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Hello, sorry that I've been away for so long, I'm still here, but due to a very busy schedule I haven't had time to post any new art. I have however, produced several more episodes of my HALO podcast: INDEX ( Im still working on my 3d "project." but it will be a lot longer than I thought. not to mention it'll take 2+ months of solid rendering O_o
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INDEX episode 2 is now online.  I'm getting better at this.  you can grab it via iTunes:…

or my web site:
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good grief, I don't sound anything like I do in person.... well, today I made my first podcast episode. The name is INDEX. INDEX is devoted to halo for the Mac and PC. This first ep is about 11 minutes long and is 5.12 MBs, and I don't think it's too bad for my first try. I hate public speaking. :( I know it's amateurish, but I hope to get better with experience! Thank you!
It should be on the iTunes music store soon too.
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    Hello everyone. I apologize for the lack of updates, between school and other stuff I'm spread a little thin. I had hoped to provide more information about the animation I've been eluding to, well,  I 'm going to say it's about 30% there, I was expecting to be close to done, and if I had kept at the pace I was going when I started I would be. Any-hoo, I'll get it done it's just a matter of time :D and since I want it to be a surprise I'm not going to say any of the details yet.  :D :D :D
     I've got another Halo image up, I had existing models for it, took 5 min to put together. hope ya like it.  And to add i'm really thinking about doing a halo podcast. I was looking for a good halo podcast and all the ones i found were for halo 2. so I'm going to try and produce a podcast for halo pc/mac uers. i don't yet have a mic, but I'l bidding on one on ebay :D .  sorry again for the lack of art...
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